The Sales Starts in “Huzurlu Marmara”


The sales has started in “Huzurlu Marmara” project which comprises 500 houses and commercial properties locating in the district of Beylikdüzü with the investment worth TL90 million by Huzurlu İnşaat which makes its investor always beneficial with its all projects having built to date. Huzurlu İnşaat has begun to get initial demands with advance payment before launching of the project being held in October with advantageous prices beginning from TL262,000 to be homeowner.
Since 2009 to date constructing thousands of houses in Anatolia, making its investors always advantageous via its projects built, Huzurlu İnşaat is going to make groundbreaking ceremony with its new project “Huzurlu Marmara Beylikdüzü”, the concept of family living area in Istanbul.

HUZURLU_MARMARA_4_The number of 500 houses and commercial properties take place in the investment worth TL90 million locating in the most valuable place in the district of Beylikdüzü.
While initial demands with advance payment are being gotten in Huzurlu Marmara Beylikdüzü project of which construction works have been started, the project is going to be launched in October.
Constructing life areas in the high standards, Huzurlu İnşaat is renowned by making thousands of houses to let hundreds of families own houses to date in various provinces across Turkey.
Getting full point from the property buyers regarding its projects built, Huzurlu İnşaat is going to achieve all privileges of modern life in Huzurlu Marmara Beylikdüzü project too.

We Build Up Quality and Confidence
Stating they had located Huzurlu Marmara Beylikdüzü project in the most valuable points of the region, Bayram Bıyıklı, Board Chair of Huzurlu İnşaat, said; “We are developing our project in one of the most valuable places of Beylikdüzü and this project will contribute a distinctive value-added to the region. We are accomplishing our project which has an area of 90 thousand sq meters with an investment of TL90 million. Leaving a great part of the project to social activity and landscape, we are building a spacious living area. We are going to offer sales of our project where nearly 2.000 people will live.”

Residences with sea landscape
Three type residences in the project which comprises of 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 and commercial properties on a total area of 27.000 sq meters; as for the construction area accounts for 18,320 sq meters. Beginning from 97 sq meters, the residences enlarges up to 177 sq meters.


BayramBiyikliAttractive prices, optional payment choices
Being kept in the economic rates when compared with the region, the prices increase the interest in the project. While being homeowner with the attractive prices beginning from TL261.000, payment easiness is provided via alternative payment plans. As loan can be used with suitable interest rates by the contracted banks, also fixed-term payment can be implemented through 35 percent of advance payment in the structure Huzurlu İnşaat.
As construction of the project is building up on an area of 27.000 sq meters, delivery time of Huzurlu Marmara Beylikdüzü project is planned to begin from October 2018.