Sur Yapı becomes one of Turkey’s Superbrands


Sur Yapı, a leading construction company in Turkey, has built a total of 3.5 million square meters of living space since 1992 and continues to establish new housing, power plant, mall and office projects. Superbands – a worldwide independent arbiter of branding– recognized Sur Yapı’s excellence by naming the construction firm to its prestigious 2014 Superbands List.

Beginning with the planning and project stages, Sur Yapı assiduouslya manages all of its own development, architectural, construction and production work. The result is a simple yet luxurious and quality product for the customer. Sur Yapı works toward adding value to the surroundings of its projects, and places the human element at the center of the building’s focus.

The company goes beyond just building housing by creating environmentally-friendly, next generation living spaces that abound with social opportunities for residents. Sur Yapı presents prestige and comfort of the highest order with projects in Turkey such as Greenium, Selvice Evler, Villa Sera, Dorapark, Mahalle İstanbul, Adapark, EXEN İstanbul, Metrogarden, Corridor, Tilia, İdilia, Vitrin, Bursa MARKA Rezidans & AVM, Mirage Rezidans and İlkbahar.

Sur Yapı has also been investing in the energy industry since 2007, with four ongoing hydroelectric power plant and two wind farm projects. Sur Yapı hopes to further involve itself in the energy industry in the near future.

The company currently runs a number of commercial and office building projects in addition to its housing and energy investments. Sur Yapı provides a breath of fresh air to work life with its new projects like the Axis İstanbul Office and Mall at Eyüp and EXEN Office and Mall in Ümraniye. Additionally, Sur Yapı has successfully completed the construction of office buildings for a wide selection of local and international corporations such as 3M, Novartis, Total, Opet, Sony, Bosch-Siemens, Nobel Pharmaceuticals, Casper Computers, Aviva Insurance, and Swiss Life Insurance.

Sur Yapı recently initiated two new mall projects and seeks to expand its reach in the sector. Following the completion of the Axis project in Kağıthane, built in cooperation with Hayat Holdings, Sur Yapı has started its second project, the Metrogarden Mall in Ümraniye.

As the first and only malls in these areas, these projects have been highly anticipated by local residents. Sur Yapı is continuing its mall development by starting the Bursa MARKA Residence and Mall and Axis Istanbul Office and Mall projects last November. MARKA Residence and Mall, located in Bursa, will boast 220 stores with 5 stories and is expected to be the new address of luxury in Bursa. Axis Istanbul Mall, being realized in cooperation with Hayat Holdings, will present all the choices and opportunities that make daily life easier to its visitors.